Wayne & Tania

Welcome to Mooneyes Birmans

(NZCF Registered)

Wayne and Tania McNaught started Mooneyes Birmans in 2007 purchasing two seal point breeding girls named Sapphire and Shadow. We also joined The Sacred Temple Cat Club.

At this time we did not have our own stud boy so we out sourced from a number of other breeders lines for our initial breeding program. We would like to thank Dianne Holtom of Belzicatz Birmans in New Plymouth for helping us bring through our second generation of breeding girls Sheeba (a blue point) and Pawscha (a seal point).

This continued until late 2009 when we were able to purchase a lovely blue point stud boy called Birpur Cossack Blue from Janice and John Davey of Birpur/Leegrgo Birmans in New Plymouth. When Cossack arrived he had this big round belly and Wayne called him Tubby Lardbelly, he loved his food. Cossack did very well at the shows as a Kitten and Junior Cat and in 2010 was Third Best Entire Birman Kitten in New Zealand.

Also In 2010 we had a trip to Melbourne Australia where we purchased another seal point breeding girl called Meggan. Meggan was a hard case very different from my girls. Meggan has now been speyed and we have kept a bluepoint girl from this Line could Misty Blue.

We would also like to say a very big thank you to Lyall Payne and Val Richards for introducing a straight seal and blue line stud boy named Harley into our cattery and another little sealpoint breeding girl called Lexus. These are new lines for our cattery.

We have bred a number of litters of kittens over the last 6 years and have sold most of our kittens locally but a few have gone to different cities all over New Zealand. Birman breeding has opened up a whole new world for Wayne and myself and we absolutely love breeding them. For us the challenges and hard work that go with it all seem to disappear when we have the kittens in the house. These animals are like our own children and they make us very happy.

Tania is the Past-President of the Sacred Temple Cat Club. The Club is always looking for new members. The Sacred Temple Cat Club show is held annually in July at the Lower Hutt Town Hall.

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